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September 4, 2003


TC-Helicon has announced a new software upgrade for the VoiceOne voice pitch and modeling processing, expanding and improving on the feature set of the original VoiceOne. VoiceOne 2.0 is a dedicated processing device for correction and enhancement of your lead voice as well as creation of rich harmonies and vocal effects.

New features in version 2.0:

Vocoder VM - using Voice Modeling algorithms

The integration of Vocoder VM into VoiceOne reflects the creative direction of today's popular music, where vocals are being used as instruments. Using advanced voiced / un-voiced detection, Vocoder VM can apply resonance and spectral EQ to the vocoded signal.

Smoothing Algorithm:

Smoothing was introduced on TC-Helicon's vocal harmony product VoiceWorks. The smoothing algorithm preserves the pitch nuances of the original vocal track when pitch shifting. By setting the global smoothing parameter between 50% and 70% very natural MIDI pitch shift can be achieved. More

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