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September 16, 2003

Yale Daily News
Singing hopefuls improvise for rush meals

At 6 p.m., the height of the dinner rush, the Broadway restaurant strip is the place to see and be seen -- especially for the a cappella community.

Last Tuesday, inside a packed Au Bon Pain, where the line just to pick up orders is over 20 students long, four girls sporting identical Something Extra T-shirts finish their dinners with freshmen hoping to join the group. Four other members wait for more prospective singers just outside the glass doors. An Out of the Blue contingent picks over the salad bar offerings at Gourmet Heaven alongside two members of Mixed Company. A few Proof of the Pudding members finish their fries at A-One Pizza on Broadway and then exit onto the street where one member of Proof recognizes a friend in Mixed Company and stops to chat.

Meanwhile, one girl in Something Extra leans over and tells a friend she meets outside Au Bon Pain, "Look at the social circle on this corner. I know everyone here."

Indeed, they have arrived. It is mid-September and so, predictably, Yale's a cappella subculture has descended upon campus for the hectic three weeks known as rush. In the process, each year Yale's singing elite -- and the mass of freshmen who aspire to join their ranks -- take over the dining halls to participate in the a cappella mating ritual known as the "rush meal" in a mutual attempt to woo each other.

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