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September 29, 2003


Stereophile Magazine
New Cantus CD recorded by Stereophile's John Atkinson

Faced with the magnificent acoustic of the 1500-seat Washington Pavilion of the Arts & Sciences, the question facing recordist Atkinson was how to present what are still fairly intimate works while taking advantage of that supportive acoustic. He therefore set up three pairs of mikes, all at differing distances from the singers, to give the maximum flexibility when mixing the songs back in his listening room.

Two DPA 4011 cardioid mikes, set up as a quasi-coincident ORTF pair, were placed 25' from the choir's center point, with the singers arranged in a shallow arc 22' wide. The cardioids would provide a basic well-defined stereo image. A widely spaced pair of wide-bandwidth Earthworks QTC-1 omnis were placed to the sides of the DPA cardioids; these would add "bloom" and a better feeling of the size of the hall. Finally, a second pair of omnis, high-voltage DPA 4003s, were mounted either side of a Jecklin Disc 6' behind the cardioids. These produced a sound that was a little too "wet" to be used alone, but when mixed in with the other pairs of mikes would allow the apparent distance of the singers to be adjusted.

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