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October 6, 2003


The Advocate Messenger interviews Scott Leonard

"I think I always knew in the back of my head that I was not good enough to be a major league baseball player," he says. "I really wanted to be Elvis or Prince or Michael Jackson. Music was always kinda my real love. My mom and dad were musical, and I sang at church and sang in school groups sometimes."

"It's really fun," he notes simply. "We can travel around, do a hundred shows a year. I can go out and do two shows on a weekend, and come home and be with my family. We all have kids, so we don't want to go out for six months at a time. We can live wherever we want to live, we can do shows and entertain, and not totally be slaves to the group.

"I have a studio at my house in Tampa, and I make music here. Rockapella is a fun outlet. We've spent 12 years honing our sound and our image, sound-wise. Now we can apply that to whatever situation, be it a jingle or a new song. And, I've always loved male vocal harmony. Through the years I've been attracted to that, so it's fun to have my own here." More

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