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October 9, 2003

An interview with Manhattan Transfer's Cheryll Bentyne in Jazz Review

The thing that keeps up coming is that we are so lucky that we get to sing for a living. Trying to keep a focus on that is very hard sometimes especially with the traveling and how difficult that’s become. We still have to go out and make a living on the road. That’s the part I have trouble with. I think we all do. We all have small children and some of them are growing faster than we’d like.

I have an 8-year-old daughter, Zoe, and Janis has a 9-year-old son. Tim’s youngest is 8 and Alan’s daughter is 20 now, but she went through the “road baby” thing first. In that sense I have a hard time leaving my daughter. This is my girl. When we started out we were on the road for months at a time. We were all single and didn’t have much to come home to. We were living our lives on the road. More

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