October 9, 2003

A Buffalo Grove atheist is threatening to file a federal lawsuit against Wheeling Elementary School District 21 if the district doesn't remove a song from an upcoming choir program. Rob Sherman contends the song "Hashivenu" -- one of four songs picked to be sung at a Riley Elementary School choir program later this month -- offends his 10-year-old daughter's atheistic beliefs. Sherman's daughter, Dawn, participates in the extracurricular choir.

Dawn Sherman said she does not sing the song during rehearsals with the rest of the choir. She said she feels like an outcast when the rest of the students sing it. "It's kind of weird to be standing by myself and not singing, and it makes me feel different," she said. "It's like someone wants me to feel different." Sherman is also calling for the removal from the program of an African-American spiritual song containing references to the Lord. Sherman said the song is also offensive to his and his daughter's beliefs.

Sherman said he will file a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday seeking an injunction to prevent the songs from being sung if district officials do not pull them from the program by then. More

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