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October 17, 2003


Daily Trojan

A pack of people eagerly waiting to hear the SoCal VoCals, one of USC's a cappella groups, filled Ground Zero Wednesday night. The crowd's chatter grew louder to compete with the buzzing of the coffee machines and the monotonous background music of KSCR. Some waited patiently, holding camcorders and cameras to capture the event for themselves. A group of about 20 men and women walked single-file onto the stage. A hush quickly fell over the audience as they began singing a low, simple "bum bum."

Tenor Mike Hoi, junior, sang the opening performance, "Today," by the Smashing Pumpkins. The first performance was enhanced with the group's energetic vibe as members freely danced to the music and highlighted by a little eyebrow movement when Hoi sang, "I wanna turn you on." The performance received an eruption of cheers from the crowd, and as the show went on, the cheering only got louder. More

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