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October 23, 2003

San Jose Mercury News

This is the kind of spirit that's kept the Mendicants a cappella group strong and alive on the Stanford University campus for 40 years:

"We did 36 serenades in about 15 hours," said Mendicant alum Mike LaHood, recalling a night in the late 1990s, "and we were really, really, really tired. We found ourselves behind Memorial Church. It was dark. We said, `See you later,' and stopped and just started singing. We got in this big circle and sang, `Last Night Was the End of the World.' The chords were ringing out. It was the middle of the night. No one else was around. We just had a fantastic time.''

An audience would have heard a lush, surround-sound blend of closely harmonized and spot-on pitched vocal music. It's the kind of sound that can melt the stiffest of backbones or lift the lowest of moods. More

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