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October 27, 2003

New York Times

The question of the night, though, was: How does Disney Hall sound? Already many concertgoers and critics have proclaimed it acoustical nirvana. From this first experience I was impressed but not enthralled by the acoustics.

Though it was an imaginative stroke to have the Los Angeles Master Chorale sing Gyorgy Ligeti's a cappella "Lux Aeterna," a 10-minute work of rapturously otherworldly sustained harmonies, placing the singers in the aisles on two sides of the hall was a miscalculation. All I could hear were the close-up voices of a handful of sopranos and high tenors standing right next to me.

The feeling of the space itself is critical to the pleasure of hearing music in the 2,265-seat Disney Hall, which is some 930 seats smaller than the Chandler. Working closing with the acousticians Yasuhisa Toyota and Minoru Nagata, Mr. Gehry has designed the auditorium in a way that makes it seem almost intimate. More

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