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October 27, 2003

Former collegiate a cappella singer Wentworth Miller has a featured roll in the new movie "The Human Stain" with Nichole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Then he landed a spot on the university's famed a cappella group, the Princeton Tigertones, which traveled all over the world. He was hooked on show business. After getting a degree in English, he moved west and took an entry level job with a Hollywood development company. "Here were all my friends starting law school and I was filing and taking orders for lunch," he said. And he started taking acting classes. "My parents were quite supportive even though they didn't know anything about acting -- except the part about the lack of a steady paycheck."

The Human Stain was Miller's first movie. He went straight from that to a supporting role in the sci-fi adventure "Underworld," which ended up making it into the theaters a month before this film.

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