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November 13, 2003


Hours after company members of the dawning musical, Harmony, were told their show was shuttering due to undercapitalization, producer Mark Schwartz told Playbill On-Line he shares their heartbreak. Although he wasn't at the 10 AM Nov. 13 company meeting in Manhattan where cast members were dumbstruck, shocked or in tears from the news that they would not be shipping out to the Philadelphia tryout in the coming days Schwartz said he knows that the troupe's feelings are aimed at him.

Schwartz said he raised only $3.5-$4 million of the $6.5-$7 million capitalization needed for the show's Dec. 2-Jan. 4, 2004, run at Philadelphia's Forrest Theatre. The rest of the money did not come through in recent weeks, despite assurances from potential investors. It was hoped by all involved that the next stop after Philly would be a Broadway theatre.

Making the project more desirable to investors might be the $500,000 box office advance or the presence of Tony Award nominee Brian d'Arcy James (Sweet Smell of Success, Titanic). "I'm still looking for the White Knight," Schwartz admitted. "With all the people that came, no one stepped to the plate, I was the only one." More

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