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November 22, 2003

Good Times

“Working with Tandy Beal is a joy,” says Sunshine Becker, a 31-year-old member of the vastly talented East Bay a cappella group SoVoSó. “She has a vision, but is open to other people´s ideas. She knows what SoVoSó does and what we do in our element can be very, very good. She´s doing the same thing in the dances.”

The first half of “The New Nut!” will feature SoVoSó singing in its innovative style, original songs and holiday numbers. Beal is slated to dance alongside the singers. When Act II hits, everything is transformed and a small plot is introduced. On a video screen, the audience watches the singers of SoVoSó load into a car in the East Bay and travel to a party. But they´re late and become disoriented, driving right by the Mello Center in Watsonville and coming upon a sign that directs them to Los Angeles. Then they see a sign to Candyland. On screen, the singers get out of the car and the video turns off. They then walk on stage and enter the stunning, fictional world of Candyland. Once there, they meet roller skaters, jugglers, dancers, aerial artists and more. With Bobby McFerrin, Beal has staged an opera, choreographed a video for MTV and choreographed an Emmy Award-winning PBS program, which led her to her relationship with SoVoSo. More

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