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November 22, 2003

"Gilmore Girls" mother Lauren Graham poses with the Whiffenpoofs. The group recently guest starred on an episode of the show as themselves.

Yale Daily News

Why is it that when other students at colleges around the world are presented with Thanksgiving break, they bolt out of their dorm doors faster than one could say "turkey, turkey," but when Yale students are extended the same offer, they keep their feet firmly planted and refuse to leave?

Two words, one hyphenated: Yale-Harvard Weekend. What makes this weekend so utterly gratifying? The clashing of the football teams? The bacchanalian revelry of the tailgates? No -- above all, it is the euphonic sweetness of a cappella. For this Yale-Harvard Weekend, seven a cappella shows will be going on. That's seven times the number of football games happening, more than one could count on a hand. And the best thing about these shows is that they are amalgamations of Yale-Harvard talent. These young, musically inclined men and women are overlooking their educational loyalties so that the two scholar communities can see that there is more to this weekend than raucous rivalry. Take it from Eddie Higgins '06. a member of the Spizziwinks, he has put aside his own interests to host the Harvard-Radcliffe Pitches in his common room. Now where other than Yale would you find such a chivalrous young man selflessly offering shelter to Harvard's oldest all-women a cappella group? More

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