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November 24, 2003

London Times

The misbehaviour of Jeffrey Archer and other Tories has been immortalised in 15-part vocal harmony in a new show subsidised by the taxpayer. The hip group The Shout blend a cappella singing and theatre to create “barbershop opera”. Their latest show, Deep Blue, explores many aspects of love, including a section on lust and betrayal. Which is where the Tories come in, of course.

As the centrepiece, the group has devised an extended section in which its members sing, shout and warble the words “Jeffrey Archer” in dozens of different ways. They intersperse with Archer the names of David Mellor, the former Culture Secretary, and that other Tory adulterer John Major in tones of contempt and revulsion. Taking musical inspiration from Eastern Europe and Africa, their work has been likened to a cross between the Andrews Sisters and Prokofiev. More

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