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November 29, 2003

Sydney Morning Herald

The press gallery's a cappella choir, the House Howlers, looked to disco diva Gloria Gaynor for inspiration when preparing its satirical contribution to the gallery's big annual dinner at Parliament House. They reworked her big hit of 1979, I Will Survive, as a musical message from Simon Crean to Kim Beazley, whom he had defeated in a party room ballot just two days before.

The new lyrics invited the academically inclined Beazley to "Take some dusty job at some old university, cos that's the only way to stop you coming back to bother me."Another prophetic line which went down big with the audience of several hundred political insiders went: "As long as there's a Ferguson, I know I'll stay alive." And it ended with an entreaty for Beazley to do "just one last thing for free, Would you show me how to make those bloody voters vote for me?"

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