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November 29, 2003

An upcoming episode of Fox TV's Arrested Development will contain three barbershop singers of note....they are: Tenor, John Sherburn of The New Tradition (1985 Intl Champions SPEBSQSA) along with Bill New (noted studio singer, The Diamonds and barbershop quartet Nickelodeon), and Dan Jordan (The New Tradition, 139th Street Quartet and The Perfect Gentlemen.

Dan was contacted for this gig through Tim at Primarily A Cappella! Through many changes in the script and costuming and available singers, the group emerged as a trio to appear on screen with David Cross (who sings lead on an old barbershop classic...Swanee River). It seems that David has joined a "men's club" and has got into a quartet. It turns out that the club is a men's "leather / biker" club and he's at the center of things with three other "leather men" in this episode. The group is called the "Whip and Snaps." Look for it to air on either November 30th or December 7th, 2003.

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