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December 8, 2003


Advocate Messenger

"Really, trying to put in one sentence what The King's Singers are is very difficult," said Stephen Connolly, the bass voice for the six-strong ensemble, in a telephone interview from New York Thursday. "We say we're the ambassadors of choral singing - we can sing anything that can be sung.

"We had friends who looked at the scientific thing about light, such as certain colors mix together and make pure white. We thought, 'We're kinda like that.' We're six different guys, with different personalities, different voices, different ranges. You talk about a perfect blend - we're a blend of like a pure white, really. We're like colors coming together to make pure white."

Connolly, a Devonshire, England, resident, said The King's Singers like to use "a lot of vocal colors in one song." Thus, they focus on "the colour of song." "It's like a palette for artists," he noted. "It is not often you get groups that experiment with vocal colors. We try to specialize in making this sound so interesting. ... We try to make the hairs on the listener's neck stand up." More

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