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December 9, 2003



"Our family actually harmonized a lot together in church. My mom was a big music fan. She loved to perform in church," says Darren Rust, who grew up with his younger brother on a farm north of Fargo and had performed with him in a group, Total Eclipse. While each Blender is a superb soloist, it's the sound of their voices blending that gives them a distinct sound. "When it comes down to it, we really, really take every note seriously and every harmony seriously, and that if it doesn't have that ring to it, every chord, then we do it again," Darren Rust says. It's just luck that The Blenders' four voices blend so well together, Kasper says. But he says the group's members also have "a certain selflessness" when sharing the spotlight. "A lot of groups maybe have four guys just kind of singing lead over each other, and we actually try to harmonize and blend with each other when we're singing in the background," Kasper says. More

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