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December 11, 2003

St Peterberg Times

It seems like every holiday song this time of year is about the baby Jesus, Santa, reindeer or snow. Maybe occasionally someone plays that Adam Sandler song about Hanukkah. But the Jewish Festival of Lights has inspired stirring music that spans centuries and crosses cultural boundaries.

The music isn't well known, even to musicians interested in traditional Jewish music. So when the members of the Western Wind, a New York a cappella ensemble, wanted to put together a celebration of the Jewish holiday, they had to do some research. "It started when some of the Jewish members of the group, myself included, remarked that there wasn't much Jewish music being played on the radio," said William Zukof, a founding member of the Western Wind. "We delved into the songbooks and we found a lot of wonderful songs, some of them set to contemporary Hebrew poetry." More

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