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January 8, 2004

News 10 - New York

It's a far cry from performing to sell-out crowds at Ithaca's State Theatre. It's an even further cry from opening for groups like The Temptations and Lonestar. But it may be what they do best--instilling a love of music, especially A Cappella music, in our area's youth. "They come for two days and they have us, they teach us the background to a song and then we sing the song with them at the Ithaca High School," said Annelise Schuepbach, 5th Grader at Belle Sherman Elementary.

When it comes time to whittle down school budgets, music and arts programs always seem to be the first to go. But, one musical group is doing everything it can to help kids continue to benefit from the arts. Ithaca's five man A Cappella group "Sons of Pitches" is leading workshops at Ithaca's Belle Sherman Elementary School, training kids to sing songs like "Kokomo" and "In the Still of the Night" with them at a community concert. "The part that is more special for me is especially being able to come in and share this with kids and get them to like not only A Cappella music but just music in general and strengthening programs," said Ross Mizrahi, Member of Sons of Pitches. More

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