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January 16, 2004

Troy Record

"One thing musicians do not like to be is pigeon-holed, whether that be by the critics or fans or whatever," says Take 6 first tenor Claude McKnight. "Even though you may be stronger at certain things than others, you want to at least have the thought that you have the ability to do any and everything."

Take 6's very first self-titled album in 1988 not only won a Grammy, it went platinum, very unusual for a jazz release, and almost unheard of for an a cappella debut. McKnight chalks it up to God's will. "Yeah, it was a surprise to us 'cause we were six guys who had just gotten out of college who walked into this recording contract with Warner Brothers Records who basically told us if we sell 30,000 - 40,000 copies of this, it will be a success. It went on to sell a million. So, everybody was surprised at that, but at the same time we believed the Lord had a plan in all of that. He wanted the music to get out there. By the time the first Grammys had rolled around, we had sold 100,000 records. We performed at the Grammys, and everything took off."

Changes in technology and the rules of doing business are having a distinct effect on Take 6 as a group. After 10 albums and 15 years with Warner Brothers, one of the behemoths of the recording industry, the jazz vocal group is striking out on its own. "A lot of artists are realizing they don't have to go the way of the major record companies and ourselves included. We've decided we're starting our own record company. Our next CD, which we're going to start working on next month, will be on our own label." The group already has distribution deals in the states and in Japan. The next album will be mostly originals and they expect to release it in the fall. More

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