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February 12, 2004


Brampton Guardian

Claude Morrison wants to encourage everyone to just belt it out. "I think the saddest thing in the world is when someone is told not to sing," he said. "People are traumatized at the age of, like, 5, when someone tells them they can't sing. That is such a tragedy. Singing is wonderful, it feels good in your throat, it feels good in your whole body. Everybody should sing, all the time. There's nothing better." Morrison and three fellow singers, better known as The Nylons, will be performing at the Heritage Theatre this Friday at 8 p.m.

"The show will be a greatest hits with an emphasis on stuff from the new album," he said. "We're working with a live drummer for the first time which we are very excited about. It's something we've talked about for a long time, and I think it really brings a new energy, a shot in the arm to our live show." The tour stops in Brampton just in time for Valentine's Day.

"So much of the stuff we do is already romantic, so we don't need to change the show much for Valentine's," said Morrison. "Maybe we'll all come out in red, of course it's also Friday the 13th, so maybe we'll bring some black cats."

"I saw something recently on CBS, that a cappella is making a big comeback on college campuses," said Morrison. "It's like a wheel coming back around again, vocal music is always popular, there's something inside people that just responds to it, especially a cappella. It's hard to be pretentious when you are talking about a cappella."

"We only do a cover when we can bring something of ourselves to it, to make it our own," said Morrison. "A few years ago they made a remake of Psycho, with the same script, the same camera shots. Why? What's the point? There has to be something new to it, or why bother. We try to choose new material as democratically as possible," said Morrison, with a laugh. "Every member has a 25 percent say in everything, because everyone has to live with the decision. If anyone came in and tried to force something, whoa, stand back and watch the fur fly."

Morrison, the group's tenor and falsetto, is the last original member of the group. Bass Arnold Robinson joined in 1981, tenor Garth Mosbaugh, a former host of Polka Dot Door, joined in 1994 and baritone Mark Cassius, a musical theatre veteran with credits including Cats and Miss Saigon, became the newest Nylon in 1997.

"All together, we've had more than 11 people go on stage as The Nylons," said Morrison. "It's been a bit of a roller coaster, and sometimes the fit wasn't exactly right, but every time we add someone new, we try to trade up, to improve our musicianship, and I think the group we have together now is just about perfect."

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