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February 14, 2004

Singapore Straits Times

More than 50 concert-goers kicked up a fuss at the Esplanade on Thursday when they were locked out of the one-night-only Bobby McFerrin concert for over an hour. They had showed up after 7.30pm, and while some were able to watch the concert from viewing rooms, others were kept outside the hall. Furious, they yelled at the ushers, calling for ticket refunds and demanding to be let in.

One concert-goer who wanted to be known only as Mrs Chan, said she, her husband and son flew in from New York for the concert. Livid, she was overheard telling ushers: 'It's ridiculous! We were two, three minutes late, and were told we would be let in at 8pm. But 8pm came and went! There were short breaks in between. Why couldn't we be let in?' Even the world-famous Lincoln Centre in New York, she added, does not penalise latecomers in such a manner.

But Esplanade's management held firm, letting them in about an hour later, 15 minutes before intermission. McFerrin teased the latecomers when they were let in: 'Was it traffic?' he asked. 'They wouldn't let us in!' a few voices wailed back. To which another member of the audience replied: 'You should have been on time!'

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