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February 19, 2004

Stanford Daily

Once upon a time, there was a certain a cappella group that always made women swoon, fluttered their eyelashes and drop to their knees. This a cappella group traveled from house to house, surprising the giddy girls with serenades of love. Most of the time they were received with open arms and big smiles (brightened by Crest White Strips, but that’ll be our little secret). But on one particular Sunday, as the clock tower chimed 9:15 p.m., this group of singers knocked on the doors of a house full of girl — but not a sound was to be heard.

“Where are all the lovely young ladies?” inquired a debonair tenor. “All their carriages are in the lot, and I know of no social gatherings supplying barrels of Natural Ale that would distract them at this hour. I wonder where they’re hiding.” But the story does not end in this sad, confused state — a sole female stepped outside and politely informed the gentlemen that all the girls were watching “Sex and the City,” and that they could not be disturbed. More

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