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February 27, 2004

Daily Pennsylvanian

Starting this year, campus musicians are receiving a little more credit -- literally. This past fall, the College Curriculum Committee passed a Music Department proposal that calls for undergraduate students who participate in department-sponsored music groups to have the option of receiving academic credit. Primosch added that the department can only give credit for groups that it sponsors because those groups are supervised by faculty members.

"I haven't heard folks complaining about, 'Hey, why is my a cappella group not being granted credit?'" he said. "The Music Department can't really give credit for activities in which we have no supervisory capacity, however worthy that activity may be. Certainly, there are many activities on campus that are worthwhile. This is not meant as a put-down to any of them."

College freshman Evan Schapiro, who is a member of the a cappella group Counterparts, said that he is not offended by the department's decision to offer credit to only department-sponsored groups. "It doesn't really anger me that much," he said. "I wouldn't expect to get any kind of credit for the things I do. My group's really fun, and we get a lot of other kinds of rewards." More

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