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March 21, 2004

Los Angeles Times

In New York, the nation's largest demonstration drew thousands onto Madison Avenue, according to police. Organizers said the noisy crowd, which packed 40 blocks as it moved through midtown, was close to 100,000; police put the estimate at 30,000. "I came here from Summit, N.J., to speak out against this insane, stupid war," said family therapist Ken Dolan-Delvecchio, holding a sign reading "Bush Is A War Criminal." American policies in the Middle East, he said, "are bringing the whole world closer to war. The administration has lied to us about nearly everything." Delvecchio's comments were momentarily drowned out by "The Raging Grannies," eight women who chanted rap lyrics a cappella as they stood on a makeshift platform facing the noisy crowd. "Look at what they just did in Spain," they chanted, "what we need is a leader with a brain." More

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