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April 9, 2004

The Cavalier Daily

What's all the hullabaloo about the Hullabahoos? The a cappella group has been generating a lot of attention recently. Consisting of 15 undergraduates, the Hullabahoos are one of three all-male singing groups at the University. Known for their humor and eccentricity, the group members perform clad in brightly-patterned robes as part of a long-standing tradition (in fact, their Web site boasts the slogan: "Robed for your Pleasure"). With a varied repertoire that includes pop/funk songs like "Hey Ya!" to classic rock songs like Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" to Mo Town, the group's versatility contributes to its current success.

While the Hullabahoos make their presence known to University audiences through frequent concerts and performances, they recently had the unique opportunity to perform for a new kind of audience on Capitol Hill. The group entertained at a fundraiser dinner for the Republican National Congressional Committee, held at the Washington D.C. Hilton Hotel last Thursday. Although the Hullabahoos have no official affiliation with the Republican Party, group members said they were honored to sing in front of the high-level clientele, which included Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, members of the House of Representatives and President George W. Bush, who attended earlier in the night.

The singing group held its ground despite warnings from the event planner that the seated audience might be inattentive. As the last scheduled performance of the event, the Hullabahoos said they expected to wrap up the night while members of the audience exited the convention room. Keith Bachman, a third-year College student and the musical director of the group, said he was impressed by the audience's reaction. "It was a nice feeling that there were still people watching us at the end," Bachman said. "While that may seem weird, it was an accomplishment that, according to the event planner, not even Meatloaf [who had previously performed for the RNCC] could pull off." More

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