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April 14, 2004

The Battalion

Rockapella's Jeff Thacher said the live playlist is divided into equal portions of original material and cover songs. He said the members' individuality lends variety and color to the shows. "We have our own personalities and tastes and that gives a good flavor to the group," Thacher said. "We're not tastelessly loud and big, but we have what we call the 'wow' factor." He said that "wow" emerges in the fancy vocalized guitar and drum solos delivered to astonished audiences. "Scott (Leonard) is our main soloist, but we all rotate solos," Thacher said. "I have a lengthy drum solo."

Reproducing the sounds heard on records requires communication and balance, Thacher said. "The mix of volumes and sounds must be articulate. "Everyone feels great when we communicate well and have our stuff together, then we can be inventive and powerful."

Steve Lewis, Rockapella's co-manager, said the band's two performances will be a long-overdue Texas debut. "For a while fans in Texas had been sending us about a dozen emails a month," Lewis said. "Rockapella is widely known in the college circuit through groups like Glee Club. We like universities as venues because the theaters are higher quality." Despite this debut and the band's past commercial success, Thatcher said Rockapella remains humble in its quest to grab a wider audience. "We take opportunities even if they won't lead directly to fame," Thacher said. "We do treat it like a business, but our main concern is that what we're doing makes us happy." More

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