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April 27, 2004

Daily Mirror (UK)

Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell is hoping to find a new Cliff Richard or Dusty Springfield with his next TV talent show. Mr Nasty has scrapped the upper age limit for contestants on ITV1's The X Factor after noticing the recent chart success of older artists. Cowell, 44, said: "We're not specifically looking for an 80-year-old pop star, but we have taken the age range off." The show will be Cowell's first since signing a 1.25million, two-year deal with ITV this month.

Any singer, or singing group, can apply if over 16. Cowell said: "People who are 35 or 36 won't take my crap. When I say they're the worst thing I've ever seen they won't say 'thank you' - I'll probably get my head kicked in." The three categories are older artists, younger artists and singing groups. Mel B and Westlife manager Louis Walsh are being tipped as the other judges. The public vote for an overall winner. Call 0900 2000 456 for details.

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