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April 29, 2004

Jazz Review

Janis Siegel,one of the greatest harmony singers of her (or, perhaps, any) generation, once again delights audiences with Sketches of Broadway, knockin' 'em dead with the hottest ticket in town. Set for release on April 27, The Manhattan Transfer co-founder's third Telarc release spotlights stylish readings of Broadway nuggets.

"The question about The Manhattan Transfer was always: 'Are you a jazz group or a pop group?'" she says. "When we were concentrating on jazz and we had Vocalese out in 1985, and it was very popular, we were embraced by the jazz purists and jazz radio, but pop radio wouldn't play us. But then, when we do pop records, oh my God, the jazz people just go to pieces."

Siegel - who has made a home in Manhattan with her son, Gabriel, and generally follows her own muse - isn't about to get backed into the hopeless corner of trying to be all things to all people. Some styles are timeless and universal, regardless of prevailing trends.

"I think people will always respond to emotion and to great songs sung well," she says. "And I think the vocalists in particular will always be in demand. "There's nothing that approximates the human voice. In the end, when you come down to it, people want to feel something." More

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