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May 4, 2004

NY Times reviews "Toxic Audio in Loudmouth."

New York Times

Just when the musicians' union is battling the advent of the virtual orchestra, and conductors are facing a future populated by baton-wielding pint-size robots, along comes "Toxic Audio in Loudmouth." Although the ear may tell the brain it is hearing bass, drums, guitars, brushes on cymbals and maybe even an occasional horn, this amiable evening of song boasts that it all its sounds are produced by the human voice. The voices of the five versatile and appealing singers, are, however, aided and abetted by an assortment of microphones as they work their way through numbers like "Autumn Leaves," "Dream a Little Dream," "Paperback Writer," "Thriller," "Lean on Me" and television themes. The song selection is sure-fire, the presentation is frequently clever and the cast is talented; but at bottom "Toxic Audio in Loudmouth" is the musical equivalent of a one-joke comedy. This crowd-pleasing show remains an agreeable novelty without being extraordinary. The youthful "Toxic Audio" cast Jeremy James and Shalisa James (husband and wife), Michelle Mailhot-Valines, Rene Ruiz and Paul Sperrazza performing singly and in various combinations on a bi-level framework is thoroughly at home in all manner of pop and jazz, including scat. And, to its credit, just when "Toxic Audio in Loudmouth" shows early signs of sinking into monotony, mischief enlivens the proceedings. Lawrence Van Gelder

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