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June 14, 2004

Mmegi, Botswana

A mother of three and grandmother of seven, Mary Wilson looks not more than 35 years old. One of the three members of The Supremes came to Gaborone on a three-day visit to Botswana to talk with students in Lobatse, and make her premier live performance at Maitisong on Friday. Before Wilson took to the stage, it was local groups, KREM, KTM and The Saints. Wilson evidently enjoyed herself and particularly the performance by Dula Sentle Children’s Choir. When the children’s choir came onto the stage, Wilson could not refrain from approaching the stage to watch the children perform HIV/AIDS message songs.

She covered her gown with the corner of one of the stage curtains to conceal it, but in her excitement she forgot about the curtain. She ended up revealing her gown to the audience, and was clapping along in glee. She, along with the audience screamed encore to the children who indulged. “Music has given me so much. It is time for me to give back,” she said. US Cultural Ambassador, Wilson will lead master classes for the four local choirs and choral groups - KREM, KTM, The Saints and the Dula Sentle Children’s Choir.

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