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June 24, 2004

Glasgow Daily Record

Rock legend Bob Dylan dozed his way through a graduation ceremony yesterday as he was honoured by Scotland's oldest university The star appeared to nod off for a while at St Andrews before he stepped up to get his honorary doctorate. The singer closed his eyes as the 20-piece St Salvator's Chapel Choir delivered an a cappella version of his classic Blowin' In The Wind.

After working their way through the pieces listed on the programme, the choir made the unexpected addition, prompting a muffled gasp. They say nobody sings Dylan like Dylan and St Salvator's Choir did not try. The students performed in perfect harmony. Dylan looked nervous, studying his order of service as if it was the only object in the room. As the choristers sang their last note he looked in their direction.

Several hundred eyes scrutinised the legend for a reaction. There was none. Dylan was inscrutable. As the congregation of parents, students and fans cheered he did not even clap. Dylan had earlier upset the university, which boasts Prince William as a student, by moaning about the length of time he would have to spend there. He also refused to follow tradition by sitting through the full ceremony at the university's Younger Hall or by meeting with other graduates. Instead, he only agreed to attend after being allowed to slip in a side door at the last minute.

One member of the choir said: 'He came in side of stage just as the choir were about to start. He then picked up his honourary degree and was out again within half an hour.'My friend is a doctor who thought Dylan looked ill, grey and tired. He didn't seem too happy to be there.'

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