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June 25, 2004


Recorded on tour in Japan in June of 2003, "Live in Japan" puts us in the excited audience of one of Rockapella's fabled live performances. We have heard these songs before, the patented smooth, dynamic arrangements by Scott Leonard and Sean Altman, Jeff Thacher's flawless, rock-solid beatbox, and the soaring leads of Kevin Wright and Elliott Kerman on the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun,", the Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun,", the Motown hit "My Girl," and Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman." These 22 songs have all appeared on other Rockapella CDs, but with their fresh, crisp sound and new arrangements it's as if we're hearing them for the first time. And the group has changedójust listen to (excellent addition to the group) George Baldi's gravel-deep bass lines on "Use Me" and "Summertime Blues," his sweet backup anchor on "My Girl" and his powerful lead on "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." There is a looseness here, an easy confidence, a showing off just exactly how good they know they are, that adds up to some big funóand another winner for legendary Rockapella! Currently on sale at Primarily A Cappella - Listen to House Of The Rising Sun

Unfortunately Rockapella has had to take it's former record label to court and some of those J-Bird titles are currently unavailable. We hear that there is hope for a resolution over the summer and it is hoped those releases will be reissued. As their original recordings "Primer", "Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego" and "Lucky Seven" are also out of print we are glad the band has released this title.

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