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September 27, 2004

ABC Perth

Just when you were feeling jaded. Been there ? Done that ? Seen everything ? Fifty voice Perth choir 'Canzonetta' reckon you haven't lived till you've heard them doing "Dark Side of The Moon". Musical Director Rob Kay explains...

Back in the 1970s , the Perth Undergraduate Choral Society had already performed material from 'Hair', and 'Jesus Christ Superstar'with choir and rock band. "We decided to take it a bit further", says Rob. They did Moody Blues material , and next stop was material from Dark Side of The Moon in around 1976. "What really started me on the idea of we could do (sic) Pink Floyd", expands Mr Kay, " was that bit from 'Atom Heart Mother' where in fact they use one of Britain's top choirs, The John Aldous Choir". Rob then figures that you could even have yet more choral presence in Pink Floyd material. " 'Us And Them' (from Dark Side of the Moon) just screams for a choir " reckons Rob.

He also gives another more personal reason for wanting to perform Pink Floyd material "I've got two sons both musical and when they start saying who's Pink Floyd I think there's something needs to be done about it" For Canzonetta's "Dark Side of The Moon" performance you generally have to wait till after intermission. They like to start by paying some respectful homage to other material of the era - Neil Young's 'After The Goldrush', 'Derek & the Dominoes' 'Layla', and Deep Purple's 'Smoke On The Water'. "Hey, you've gotta have a go" says Rob.

With incense in her nostrils, Sarah Knight couldn't help but wondering if Canzonetta use a psychedelic light show when performing such material. "There will be. Of sorts ", replies Rob. He goes on to point out that advancing age means the members tend to need glasses these days to read their scores, so they do need downlights on stage. Even without the oil wheels, the funny cigarettes and the body painting, our presenter is at one with the concept. "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" bids Sarah Knight as Rob Kay retires back to bed to rest his conducting arm. Listen

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