October 4, 2004

Duke Chronicle

What began as an ad in The Chronicle a quarter-century ago has become one of Duke’s most entertaining, endearing and enduring traditions. At 9 p.m. Saturday night, more than 60 current and former members of the Pitchforks gathered on the stage at Baldwin Auditorium to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Duke’s oldest male a cappella group. The reunion, in planning since the summer, included singing the national anthem at Duke’s football game Saturday and a barbecue on West Campus. The events culminated in Saturday night’s performance, at which Pitchforks, old and new, harmonized through a set as diverse as its members.

The Pitchforks crooned their way through Rhett Atkins’ country hit “That Ain’t My Truck” and even tackled Pearl Jam’s grunge standard “Evenflow,” showcasing its members’ playful personalities and senses of humor. The performance kept several generations of fans highly entertained in Baldwin Saturday night and ended in a standing ovation. “I think especially the alums are excited for the show because they realize how much the group meant to them,” said senior Scott Lemmon, president of the Pitchforks. He noted that one-third of all the group’s members returned for the chance to perform once again in Baldwin.

For Rick Laub, Trinity ’83 and a Pitchforks alumnus, membership with the group continues to remain particularly special. He traveled from Michigan to attend the reunion and believes it’s “the camaraderie through harmony” that keeps the group going and why alumni are so eager to return. Half of the founding group members returned for the reunion, taking the stage Saturday night with the same enthusiasm and humor that inspired the formation of the group in 1979. The alumni arrived Friday and spent the weekend rehearsing and reminiscing about life as a Pitchfork. More

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