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October 29, 2004

'Cheesy little song' makes national airwaves

Anchorage Daily News:

Mr. Whitekeys has always been Spenard's prince of parody. Now you can call him the king of political pop. Mr. Whitekeys and his Fabulous Spamtones have a certified hit with "The Liar Sleeps Tonight," a silly little satire ditty about President George W. Bush. "The Liar" is spun off of The Tokens' 1961 doo-wop standard "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," with Bush buzzwords strategically placed into the lyrics, like: "Shock and awe/avenge my pa," "Hanging chad/thank you dad" and "No weapons of mass destruction can be found/ Halliburton's certain there is oil in the ground."

Since its April release, "The Liar" has slowly grown into one of the most-requested songs on "The Dr. Demento Show," a nationally syndicated radio program that plays cheeky novelty music from artists like "Weird Al" Yankovic and Barnes & Barnes (they penned the cult classic "Fish Heads"). "The Liar" hit No. 1 on Demento's Funny Five request list Aug. 1 and has hovered around that spot ever since. It has even hit the Funny Five No. 1 four times and has missed charting only a few times since July.

"There's been hundreds, if not thousands, of requests for the song," Dr. Demento said from his office in Lakewood, Calif. "It's going to be in my top five at the end of the year, even if it doesn't get any calls after the election." Whitekeys responds to the song's success in typical Whitekeys' fashion -- he jokes. "We haven't achieved 'Louie Louie' status quite yet," he said. "In spite of all this hype, it's just a cheesy little song, and we're cheesy little guys. We're No. 1 on a radio show that nobody listens to, especially in Alaska."

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