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November 4, 2004

Kerry closes with a cappella

New York Times:

It was eerily quiet here on Copley Square at 1 a.m. Wednesday. The drizzle that had dripped intermittently throughout the night had turned to a strong, steady rain. Scores of empty white folding chairs in the front section were dotted with droplets, a roll of blue Kerry-Edwards stickers on one a soggy mess. Umbrellas and Red Sox caps dotted the small, silent crowd that remained at what was supposed to be Senator John Kerry's victory party.

A moment before, when Tom Brokaw had announced via twin Jumbotrons that President Bush had clinched Ohio's 20 electoral votes and it was "all but impossible" for Mr. Kerry to win the presidency, there had been no booing. Al Franken, the Democratic comic, muttered an oath under his breath. A faint cry of "Let's go, Kerry" from behind the four-story platform of lights and speakers quickly faded out. One Kerry volunteer pointed a finger at another and said determinedly, "Not over." But her friend just shook his head.

Then, for a full five minutes, there was silence. NBC News was flicked off, and a graphic of a waving flag filled the enormous screens. A man walked onto the stage, said nothing, and walked off again.

Finally, nine young members of the Greater Massachusetts Gospel Choir strode to the microphones. First one woman, in a proud, bold a cappella, then the chorus, and then, even some in the crowd, belted out "God Bless America" into the bitter, rainy night.

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