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February 10, 2005

The new Bob

Here posted is an official announcement from Richard "Bob" Greene

"It's been pointed out to me that there is some confusion about who is now in the Bobs. (Not surprising - the Bobs have always been advocates of the art form of confusion and chaos.) So here's the (semi) official statement. The sublimely talented Dan Bob Schumacher is now officially a Bob and will be performing all upcoming shows. We will be appearing as a quartet. We even taught Dan the secret handshake and gave him his harmonic decoder ring. ( We did ask that he stop wearing his six inch tall platform shoes .....)

The equally sublimely talented Joe Bob Finetti has taken an extended leave of absence for financial reasons. He often appears with the 50's revival group - the Diamonds. While we miss doing shows with Joe, Dan brings an exciting new spin to the group. He becomes more integrated into the blend with every gig. It's gratifying to see the group evolve, respecting our own musical tradition, yet gradually allowing the input of each new member to blossom and shape the group. We plan to record a new CD this year."

Meet Dan:-

DAN BOB SCHUMACHER (extremely tall mid-range driver) was born and raised in Cheyenne, Wyoming (the other square state) to a highly unorthodox, very artistic family. When presented with her children's practical career choices, his mother was known to say things like, "That's fine if you want to be an architect, honey, but it would be a shame to waste such a beautiful voice." After winning the Vocal Jazz Soloist award in the Big-N-Tall weight class (more tall than big) at a University of Northern Colorado Jazz Festival and studying vocal jazz at Northwest College, enablers kept telling him, "You should do this for a living," to which he replied, "Okay!Ē Danís alter ego then studied vocal performance and operatic technique at Indiana University in Bloomington while his inner jazzbo founded the vocal band Monkey Puzzle. Dan Bob lives in Seattle, where he previously wrote, arranged and performed with funktastic, techno-groove-oriented vocal band Kickshaw. Dan is now exploring the dimensions of his long, tall, schizophrenic personality with the Bobs, where both of him fit well, except in most rental cars.

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