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April 1, 2005

Comic look at a cappella

The Age (Australia):

An amusing look at the 'cut-throat world' of a cappella singing, Gerard McCulloch's show is rich in anecdotes, accents and bad puns. Tracing a sonic history from his days in the 'burbs' where, as a starry-eyed teenager, he harboured ambitions of being the in the best a cappella outfit known to man, the Rove writer recounts his foray into the world of song and the various incarnations of his instrument-free super group.

Along the way, there's a deconstruction of the pop song, showing how easy it is to start at Smashing Pumpkins' Disarm and finish at Coldplay's In My Place (via the Cranberries' Zombie). A very funny dig at Coldplay’s expense is a welcome bonus.

There’s also a chance encounter with seminal New York a cappella outfit The Persuasions, in St Kilda, which leads to an impromptu gig with their heroes. Better still, he manages an impressive stab at a black Brooklyn accent, with a basso profundo you wouldn’t rightly expect from such a wisp of a man. Too old to be cute, too young to be avuncular, McCulloch projects a likeable, easy-going manner on stage, where the laughs are easy and plentiful.

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