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May 2, 2005

Persuasions do U2

Weehawken Reporter (NJ):

Over the years, they have recorded several a capella albums, featuring the music of the Beatles, the Grateful Dead, and even Frank Zappa. They first broke onto the Billboard charts in 1970 with the album, "Street Corner Symphony," which was recorded in Jersey City.

"It's still what we all do for a living, and what we've done for 43 years," said Hayes, who said the group performs anywhere between 100 and 200 concerts every year. "Singing a capella is a great thing. Many years ago, I wondered why a capella was so hard to catch on, beyond what was being sung on street corners just to amuse yourself. I guess it's because we're bucking the music industry, singing and recording without guitars, saxophones and drums. I wonder if Mick Jagger or Elton John could do that."

Hayes said that the Persuasions just went to the recording studio to finish their latest CD - "The Persuasions Sing U2." Yes, the Irish rock band. "Chester Records came up to us and said that our tribute CDs sell, like the Beatles and Grateful Dead," Hayes said. "They told us that they wanted us to do U2. I said, 'Great, what's U2?' I never ever heard of them or what they did. But once I heard their songs, I knew who they were." The Persuasions then had to do extensive rehearsing before they recorded the CD of U2 hits, like "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," "When Love Comes to Town," "Peace on Earth," and "Mysterious Ways."

"We did 11 songs and it was a lot of fun," Hayes said. "It was really tough, because all five of us sang into one microphone. That's the sound they were looking for. They said that it was done strategically and if you even move a hair, they know. We had to rehearse every morning to get it right. It was the only time that we had studio time. Everyone was dedicated to it. During rain and snow, we were there every day. It was very gratifying when we finished and they said, 'It's a wrap.' It sounds great and I can't wait to see it in the stores." Hayes said that the U2 recording has a certain flair. "We put the Persuasions twist on it," he laughed.

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