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May 18, 2005

Bo knows a cappella

USA Today:

You've got to hand it to Bo Bice. In fact, you probably will be handing him the title of American Idol next week, unless he blows it next Tuesday. He (or some shrewd advisor) had a smart idea: sing one of his three songs Tuesday night a cappella. It's not as if Idol audiences are unfamiliar with the concept, thanks to the endless audition shows, William Hung specials and so forth, but singing unaccompanied qualifies as a gutsy move, especially this late in the game. (Although considering some of the inadvertent sabotage perpetrated by the band arrangements on certain performers earlier this season, we may see more contestants adopt Bo's gambit.)

Anyway, he pulled it off, even though an estimated 12 people probably recognized his song, an obscure ballad by British rock band Badlands from 1991 called In a Dream. (It may have helped that no one had a familiar version to judge Bo's performance against.) It certainly overshadowed the two songs he didn't choose. This show's theme was the same as last year's at this time: Each contestant sang one song chosen by guest judge Clive Davis (who will produce the winner's album and probably release the runner-up's, as has been the case in the first three seasons), one picked by one of the judges and one of his or her own choosing.

Posted by acapnews at May 18, 2005 12:11 AM