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June 2, 2005

Singers' parents sue movie producer

Parents of the child singers in the hit French movie "Les Chorists" are suing for financial compensation. The suit filed in Paris says producer Galatee Films should pay for the performances of the children from Lyon that contributed to the movie's success. Some 8.5 million viewers flocked to French theaters last year to see the critically acclaimed "Les Choristes."

The children didn't appear in the movie, but their singing was prominently featured. Galatee reportedly paid 21,000 euros (nearly $26,000) to the chorus group, along with 1 percent of royalties from sales of the movie's CD. But the parents of the two children argued the agreement was made without their endorsement.They're asking for the children who sang to receive 8 percent to 10 percent of the 100 million euros (roughly $123 million) in profits made from movie and CD sales.

Posted by acapnews at June 2, 2005 12:09 AM