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June 15, 2005

Singing can make you gay!

Or so says the editor of the Buffalo Jewish Review who refused an advertisement from the Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus. In a letter to the editor, Assemblymember Sam Hoyt responded to the publication's refusal by saying:-

"I am proud of my record of being vehemently against all forms of prejudice, and I deplore anti-Semitism and all other forms of prejudice equally. I would have expected a policy of acceptance and a greater demonstration of tolerance from the Buffalo Jewish Review, instead of exclusion and discrimination.

"Your explanation for this decision was astonishing to me. The idea that an advertisement for a choral concert 'might influence young people to experiment' with homosexuality is preposterous and demonstrates a clear lack of understanding and compassion for those men and women for whom homosexuality is as much their identity as being Jewish is to you and not simply a fad to try and discard like the latest trend in fashions.

"Your statement that 'they can't produce children' is equally amazing. I'm sure that the many lesbians who have given birth would be surprised to learn this. You further raise concerns about how this will impact the 'perpetuation of the Jewish people.' Are the children of a Jewish lesbian not Jewish?

Well said assemblyman Hoyt!

Posted by acapnews at June 15, 2005 12:02 AM