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September 30, 2005

The Baker's Dozen annoy neighbours

New Haven Advocate (CT)

The offending house

There's a bunch of college boys around my way
And their parties keep me up 'til the break of day
What's the use of complainin'?
They don't give a darn!
This is how they sing and carry on...

"Collegiate," a hit record by Fred Waring & the Pennsylvanians, 1925

Whoooooooooo! ," scream the guys next door. It's a familiar refrain, the opposite of a lullabye. Something my family and I have been dealing with for over four years, and which our neighbors have been fighting for much longer. We live next door to a party house. Not a non-stop party house, and not "party house" as euphemism for crackhouse or whorehouse, but a house that, according to most of its neighbors, has too many, too loud, too dangerous parties.

Listen, I know parties. My old college fraternity was loud. The college boys next door haven't given a darn. Sometimes they've bothered to warn the neighbors that they were about to have a party. If there were objections, they went unheeded. Any party they bothered to announce to the neighbors was on such a scale that it would always have to be broken up the police.

These are the offending neighbors: The Baker's Dozen of Yale University. Here's how they describe themselves on their website:

One of the nation's oldest and finest all-male a cappella singing groups...has taken its unique blend of traditional and contemporary songs and its spirited camaraderie to audiences across the nation...from school and community auditoriums to private Hollywood parties to the President of the United States.

Some find this cute and ironic.

The writer goes on and writes a lengthy article about his struggle with the group and quotes the correspondence from the group's business manager Ted Oxholm

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