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October 7, 2005

So much sweet singing

Detroit Free Press (MI):

It's a muggy, unseasonably hot Monday afternoon as the Sweet Adelines begin to converge on Cobo Center. They seem happy to be there, even though they expected to be in New Orleans. Plans changed when Hurricane Katrina stormed in. Inside Cobo's main entrance, a quartet called Fourth Avenue is singing a few spontaneous bars of "Last Night on the Back Porch." Their pastel V-neck blouses match. So do their chipper attitudes. "We went to Greektown for dinner. That was awesome," says Kris Pederson, 53, of Portland, Ore. "We did the flaming 'opa!' Awesome experience!"

Outside, more than 50 women in scarlet-red T-shirts are striding in brisk formation up Washington Boulevard. They're the Flying High Singers, who just flew in from Holland. "Beautiful weather!" says one of them as she strides past.

Two things are clear about the Sweet Adelines International convention and competition, which is happening this week in downtown Detroit. One, these women, who sing four-part harmony in the barbershop style, are a cheery bunch. Not in a placid, knee-jerk "Stepford Wives" way, but in a fun-loving, exuberant, life-is-too-short-to-mope way.

"Basically, when our members meet in a city, they take over the city," says Joey Mechelle Stenner, a spokesperson for Sweet Adelines International. Already, stories are circulating of women bursting into song at Fishbones restaurant and People Mover stops. And on Friday morning, a horde of Sweet Adelines will participate in a mass sing at Hart Plaza.

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