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October 23, 2005

Islam in harmony

New Straits Times (Malaysia):

If there is a must-have album for Ramadan, then Raihan’s seventh album it is. It reminds Muslim listeners of their duties, while providing and guiding them through the much needed spiritual enlightenment through zikir (religious chants and praises). Raihan’s four-part harmony of 99 Names — or Asma ’Ul Husna, the traditional zikir of 99 names of God in a capella is simply spellbinding. Listeners are likely to play it again and “sing” along. The group’s decision to release the album this month — while many groups and record labels are focusing only on Hari Raya – is a commendable initiative that many, sadly, have overlooked.

Apart from the traditional nasyid tunes, the album also includes dikir barat-style nasyid tune, Dikir Raihan Zikir. Another impressive showcase was the hip-hop collaboration Do You Know Him, featuring Mecca2Medina. What’s beautiful about Raihan’s music is its honesty and “friendliness”, making it easy to love — from children to adults alike. I won’t be surprised if the young ones start singing songs from this album during the Raya break.

Vocal group Raihan is hugely popular in Malaysia where they have sold over 2,000,000 CDs.

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