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December 16, 2005

Rockapella gets standing ovation

Napa Valley Register (CA):

With a simple setting of only four stools, the world-renowned quintet, Rockapella, delivered a vivid and highly energetic performance last weekend at the Napa Valley Opera House. Rockapella is known for its complete a capella style, and ability to perform, and sound, like a full band. Its Saturday night performance drew a large crowd of all ages, many of whom were faithful fans.

Scott Leonard, lead singer, led the performance and often provided comic relief with his witty dialogue and uninhibited dancing style. Also singing was John Brown and Kevin Wright. Brown, who has performed on Broadway and toured with stars such as Phil Collins, delivered a impressive and passionate performance. Wright, who is described as having a "smooth tenor voice," often joined in with Leonard's hilarious dancing.

Rockapella's "band" is made up by George Baldi and Jeff Thacher. Baldi is the group's "super bass," and he wooed female audience members with his soulful voice. Thacher, who delivered an amazing performance, performs the group's percussion sounds. Thacher, who Leonard calls "our superior life form," uses nothing more than his mouth to produce sounds such as drums and cymbals. His unique talent has placed him in a special group of professional mouth drummers, and is known as a living legend among his peers.

Their performance included several original songs, and classic oldies such as "By the Boardwalk" and "Stand by Me." The group also performed other songs by the Mills Brothers and the Temptations. To continue with the light and humorous tone of the performance, Rockapella sang several of their advertising jingles. Jingles ranged from Budweiser, to Almond Joy, Dr. Pepper, and more. "For the right amount of money we'll sing about anything," said Leonard.

Towards the end of the show, Rockapella invited the Napa High School Vocal Music Workshop to perform on stage. The 10-person vocal ensemble performed a tune from their Christmas show, impressing audiences and Rockapella. Rockapella left the stage to a standing ovation, filled with loud cheers and energy streaming from every part of the house.

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