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June 1, 2006

Harmony Sweeps champs on Carson Daly show

I love a happy coincidence! Just a few days after the Harmony Sweepstakes National Finals I received a call from a booker from NBC's Carson Daly show who was looking for a barbershop quartet for a comedy bit on the show. Well I was able to enthusiastically say that why this very past weekend we crowned our latest National Champs who happen to be a barbershop quartet from Los Angeles who also are very funny indeed. So Hi-Fidelity was offered the gig and had great fun doing the show.

Here is a report from the set:-

"As you may know, Carson starts the show with a monologue, as do most late nite hosts..however, on this nite he explains how it seems that sometimes the jokes don't go over so well, so he has decided to bring out the "Barbershop Monologue Joke Explainers". Out comes Hi-Fidelity with a traditional Barbershop look (alot different then their award winning "Addams Family" attire!). Carson then goes on and tells poor celebrity put down jokes and the quartet then harmonizes and "explains" them...

The bit was hilarious and the studio audience went nuts. Writers and staff on the show commented more than once that this was the funniest bit they had done in awhile, and mentioned bringing them back again in the summer! Carson did call the quartet by name by thanking them after the first break and at the end of the show."

The show will be airing Thursday night June 8th (actually Friday at 1:35 am) and if you enjoy their appearance please send the show an email (LastCall@nbc.com) and let them know you would like to see Hi-Fidelity on the show again.

Posted by acapnews at June 1, 2006 10:57 AM