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June 12, 2006

A Scorcher

Financial Times (UK):

The afternoon could hardly have been a greater contrast. What looked in advance a heavy-duty programme of music ancient and modern – rapt unaccompanied choral works by Obrecht and Ockeghem alongside ferociously aggressive new pieces by Brian Ferneyhough – went exactly as one might have expected until the last 20 minutes. That was when the Exaudi Vocal Ensemble launched themselves into Ferneyhough’s jaw-droppingly difficult Missa Brevis. As individual voices sparred with each other in complex combative groups and sopranos soared to stratospheric heights that one would have thought out of human reach, the adrenalin level reached fever pitch – and not just for the audience. No wonder conductor James Weeks knocked the pages of his score all over the floor at the end of a thrilling “Gloria”. Only at Aldeburgh.

A nice mention (in a much longer review) of an exciting new vocal group The Exaudi Vocal Ensemble, and at one of England's most prestigious classical music festivals - The Aldeburgh Music Festival . I grew up in the next county over and have been to Aldeburgh many times and highly recommend the area, especially off season.

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